Electromagnetic-Solar plexus

Three Point Concentration exercise

The essential start for this exercise is to be familiar with the physical body. This is possible only when we start learning how to turn the attention away from our continuous and habitual repetitive thought patterns toward our physical bodies. In order to do so, we need to gradually discipline the mind by using certain tools. One way to practice this is to perform specific concentration exercises. The following is one of these powerful exercises that gradually helps us focus on ourselves rather than on the outside matters.


Wear comfortable loose clothes that, preferably, is made of cotton and that covers most of your skin. This way, the heat will be prevented to escape through the skin.
Choose a quiet place where you would not be disturbed during this practice – try to set aside one specific room in your house for concentration exercises on a daily basis.
Sit cross-legged. Make yourself comfortable, and please make sure you are not moving during this exercise. Any slight movement interferes with the thought patterns, whichin turn will interfere with the full effects of the exercises.
Have your hands resting on your knees with the palms facing upward. Relax your whole body, including but not limited to the neck, facial muscles, shoulders.


  • Close your eyes and start breathing deep, calm, and relaxed. Keep this pattern of breathing throughout the whole exercise.
  • Keep all your attention on your breathing. As soon as a thought is triggered in your mind, let it go by returning your focus on your breathing. Pay all your attention to the cool air travelling through your nostrils.
  • Gradually, transfer your focus onto your physical body. Feel your feet, ankles, legs, hips, chest, spine, arms, and finally your head. Sense your body in its entirety as a whole and become fully aware of this state.

1. Left Palm:

Now, focus your attention on the palm of your left hand, and keep breathing deeply and calmly.
Feel the sensation of heat and the warm air around your left palm. The more focused you are, the more heat you will feel being generated by your left palm.

2. Right Palm:

When you feel you are ready, focus your attention on the palm of your right hand. Follow the exact same steps as you did with your left palm. Do not forget to breathe deeply and calmly.

3. The Heart:

At this point, start focusing on your heart while breathing deeply and calmly.
Bring all your focus and attention at the middle of your chest and try to hear and feel your heart. As soon as a thought appears, let it go by turning your focus and attention back on the heart.
When you feel ready, gather all your thoughts and try to become aware of all three points at the same time: the left palm, the right palm, and the heart. This may be difficult at first but with practice you will be able to succeed.
Pay all your attention on these three dots and visualize them as being the three corners of a triangle, which connects your heart to the palms of your hand. Keep concentrating on this triangle
Now, with all your attention, connect the three dots together and place them right in the middle of your heart.
Keep this state while breathing deeply for as much as you can.
When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes.
Please do not get up right away after the exercise but sit for a while and spend a little time on yourself. Examine the current state of your physical body, your thoughts, and your emotions. Reflect back on the exercise and note its effects on your mind and on your body, and the energy flow within your physical system.


  • Clears the mind from chatters
  • Mental receptiveness
  • Awareness of the energy flow through different centers
  • Connection of energy points within the Body