Deep Rest Intro

Surrender yourself to this effortless and comforting Tamarkoz Deep Rest. Tension and fatigue buried deep in the body, weighing it down, are lifted out and removed; a soothing sensation of ease and release, surges through, which revives and enlivens.

Try the “Body Scanning” technique as experienced in the mind relaxation exercise.

New Exercise
Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed or distracted.
Have loose clothes on to give your body freedom and ease.
Keep yourself nice and warm.

Straighten up
Lay on the floor
Stretch your legs: while taking a deep breath, stretch both legs and feet by pointing your toes forwards and keeping your knees flat, and then let go.
Lift up your head and look to see if your torso is straight on the floor and see that your spine, neck and head are aligned.
Gently stretch and push your shoulders against the floor, and let go.
Lift up your arms and gently put them down again.
Carefully lift up your head and slowly put it down again.
Loosen up
As you breathe slowly and smoothly, start to loosen up and relax your muscles.
Send your attention and your breaths towards your muscles and loosen up and release any tensions and tightness felt in your muscles.
Start from your feet, sense the muscles in your feet, loosen up and relax them.
Then move unto your lower legs, thighs, abdomen, and chest.
Lower back, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, and hands.
Front of the neck, back of the neck, and finally your face.

Take a deep and slow breath and scan your body all the way from feet to your head, perceiving your entire body as a whole.

Close your eyes and keep them closed for increased focus and peace.

Continue to breathe gently and smoothly for a minute or so, paying attention to the flow of your breaths. Continue this until your breaths become uniform.

Now take a nice, slow and deep breath.
While exhaling gently turn your head to the right, while your head is resting on the floor.
While inhaling slowly and smoothly turn your head back to the centre.

Repeat for the other side.

Repeat once more turning your head to the right and then to the left.

Now send your attention towards your shoulders.
How do your shoulders feel?
Do you feel that they have come up off of the floor?
Then gently lower your shoulders.
Stretch your shoulders slowly and let your shoulders get close to the floor.
Push them down gently so that they make contact with the floor. Do not tense your shoulders.

Relax and let go.

Now take your attention to the palms of your hands.
Let them rest on the floor by your sides.
Are the palms of your hands flat on the floor?
If not, push them down gently and without tensing them.
Let your fingers and your palms make contact with the floor.
Keep your hands relaxed and comfortable but in contact with the floor.
As you breathe deeply and smoothly, start to push down gently and alternatively with your hands and then your shoulders.
Repeat several times, smoothly.

Now let go and relax.

Send your attention towards your lower back. Notice the space between the small of your back and the floor. Do you feel a gap?

Start to inhale deeply and smoothly and at the same time, start to bend your knees, keeping your feet on the floor, lift up your lower back off of the floor.

Exhale and gently and slowly place your lower back on the floor.

Repeat once more; inhale and lift up your lower back slowly and smoothly.
Exhale and place your lower back gently on the floor.

Straighten your legs back on the floor.

Relax and let go.

Now send your attention to your knees.
Start to sense the backs of your knees.
Do you feel if there are any spaces beneath your knees?
Do backs of your knees touch the floor?

Start to inhale and at the same time push down with your heels, flexing your toes.

Exhale and relax. (Repeat once more)

Now let go of your entire body totally.

Let your body go limp and lifeless.
Let it get heavy and melt away. (5 minutes)

Now start to notice your breaths.
Listen to the sound of your breaths.
Start to notice the current of your breaths. (One minute)

Now gently begin to roll over to your left.
Curl up and cuddle yourself.

Continue to breathe deeply and smoothly. (After a few moments)

Now slowly start to sit up. Begin to open your eyes.

Look at yourself and the position of your body on the floor.

Sense your feet and legs against the floor.

Feel your hands resting on your lap.

Take a deep breath and become aware of all around you.