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The vivid sight….

Visualization is the most positive and comprehensive way to improve overall ability to Tamarkoz ®. We tend to Imagine from our existing files in our memory bank, in order to

see something or to remember an event. This means referring to the past and searching files that create interpretation and illusion, which in turn may not be the exact of what one needs to see.
Visualization on the other hand is to see something as it is and try to make it as vivid as possible without interpretation or referral to anything else or any changes. This should enable us to be in present without losing track of the image.

New Exercise
Visualization Exercise: The Stairways to the Heart


Sit comfortably on your heels and tuck your feet under your buttocks. Your knees should be slightly apart and you should keep your spine straight. Make sure to sit in a way that allows you to sit totally still during the whole exercise. The reason is that you body needs to be absolutely still while visualizing. (Use cushion for better comfort under the feet)

Visualizing is one of the most powerful exercises in Tamarkoz. For this reason, all the brainpower needs to be focused on the visualization exercise. The slightest movement of the body distracts the brain and consumes energy. The brain, although is only 2% of the body weight, uses 20% of body’s energy and oxygen. For this reason, it is of outmost importance to sit still in order to have the most access to the brainpower and attention.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly, deeply, and calmly. Do as much deep breathing as possible in order to calm down brain activities. Deep breathings always help calm the mind down drastically. The main reason for this is because the brain associates calmness with deep breathing and when the breaths are deep and calm, automatically it reduces its noise.


First Study the image 1 below of the inside of the head and try to see as much as possible and then close your eyes and visualize the image as vividly as possible. If you encounter difficulties then open your eyes and look at the image again. Do this several time so that you can relate the image to your own brain before moving to the next step.


Visualize and see your brain as a whole. Circle around both hemispheres and visualize the Cerebral Cortex, with more emphasis on the Prefrontal Cortex. Sense the physical brain and the liquid around the brain, the Cerebrospinal Fluid.


Look at image 2 and try to see it exactly as it is and then close your eyes and see if you can visualize it. If you can’t, then open your eyes and look at the image and focus on it more and see it exactly as it is. Try this several time before the next level.


Now, visualize the spiral stairways (image 2) running from the bottom of your brain going straight down towards your heart. Visualize yourself walking down the stairs slowly and with awareness. Hold onto to the staircase as you walk down the spiral stairways into the depth and darkness of your being. Do not think of anything else but your destination; your heart. Walk steadily and with purpose and do not be discouraged by the darkness that you see in front of you. The staircase is leading you from your brain to your heart. You are safe. All you need to do is to take steadfast steps down towards your heart.

As you get further down the stairs, you will see the depth of the darkness within you. Enjoy its tranquility and keep walking down the stairs until you get to your heart. Visualize your heart and how it moves with each heartbeat. Witness its beauty and determination to keep giving Life at every single moment. Spend some time watching its tireless efforts in awe.

You have now reached the end of the staircase and your heart is right in front of you. There is nowhere else to go but towards the heart. Now, while visualizing the heart, sit right at the end of the staircase and in front of your heart and wait. Just wait as long as you can and keep on breathing very deep and very calmly.
Gradually, open your eyes. As you are still sitting, evaluate yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally after this exercise. Observe and evaluate how/if your state has changed.
Benefits: Increases the ability to be more present, also create awareness and increase coordination between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Please Note: Try to keep the image of the spiral as shown throughout the exercise.