Let's get started.... Sit down cross legged. Relax your hands on your laps. Close your eyes and keep them closed.

Keep your head, neck and backbone in a vertical line.
Get your feet and legs totally comfortable and centre yourself.
Loosen up your abdomen and relax your lower back.
Keep your shoulders nice and relaxed
Now stay motionless.


Remain as still as possible as each movement however little will contribute to the brain’s signals, which in turn will interfere with the process of relaxation.
Relax you arms, hands and face

Continue to breathe gently and smoothly for a minute or so. Pay attention to the flow of your breaths as you inhale and exhale.
Continue this until your breaths become uniform.
Now send your attention towards your right arm.
Start from your shoulder.

Breathe deeply and smoothly; send your breath and your attention inside your shoulder; concentrate there.
Sense inside your shoulder.
Now move slowly down to your upper arm.
Send your breath and your attention inside your upper arm.
Sense every part, bit by bit, and move down slowly.
Continue and slowly arrive inside your lower arm.

Send your breath and attention to every bit inside your lower arm; sense every bit and move down.
Send your attention to your hand.
Run through the inside of your hand. Sense every bit as you breathe and focus.
Continue with every finger
Repeat the above for the left arm.
Now take your attention towards your face.
Start from your chin.
Take a long smooth breath and send your breath and your attention to your chin.
Sense all around, inside your chin.
Move towards your lips.
Sense inside your lips and relax your lips.
Now slowly move up towards your cheeks.
As you breathe smoothly, start to sense every bit inside of your cheeks.
Relax your cheeks.
Move your attention towards your eyes.
Run your attention inside your eyes.
Sense your eyes.
Now start to sense your eye lids bit by bit.
With every smooth breath, relax your eye lids and let them rest on each other.
Now slowly move up, towards your forehead.
Take a deep breath and focus on your forehead.

Start to sense your forehead bit by bit all the way from the eye brows towards your hair  line.
With every deep breath that you take, sense your forehead and relax it.
Continue to sit straight with your entire body nice and relaxed.
Send your attention towards the tip of your nose.
As you breathe, keep your focus on the tip of your nose.
Relax you mind
While you breathe nice and smoothly, see what is going on inside your mind.
Are any thoughts crossing your mind? Are you remembering things?
Then just observe what is going on………
Acknowledge what is going on……..
Let it pass, let it go…..…
And go back to the tip of your nose, with a deep comfortable inhale.
Every time that a thought comes along, observe it and let it pass.
Treat it like a car passing speedily on a high way. There you see the cars pass by.
You notice them but you do not follow them! Do the same with your thoughts.

Continue to go back to the tip of your nose with your breaths. And stay calm and feel the peace inside.
After a few minutes,
Take another deep breath and start to gently open your eyes.
Take a look at yourself and notice how you are sitting on the floor.