Movazeneh-Body in Balance


Sit on the floor by having your legs straight out in front of you. Try to keep your back as straight as possible in order to have a better breathing posture. Inhale deeply and slowly. Exhale gently and relax the entire body on the floor.

Make sure to keep a straight posture when lying down.  Scan and study yourself from head to toe. Make sure there is no blockage or tightness in the Body. (If you feel tightness, please stand up slowly and perform few stretches to unblock your system).
Inhale and bring your left leg up by bending it and while bringing your left knee towards your chest. At the same time, and in harmony, bring both hands towards the left knee and support your leg by holding your left knee.
Start rotating your left foot, three times counter clockwise followed by three clockwise rotations. (Breathe Naturally during this Process).
Exhale and bring both arms as wells as the left leg down to the floor.
Repeat the same with the right leg.


Inhale, and, this time, bring both knees up toward the chest while bringing both hands to the knees in order to hold them.
Hold each knee with its respective hand.
Exhale and tilt the lower part of the body towards left. Make sure to keep your back on the floor. In other words, your upper body should not leave the ground.
Inhale, and while still holding the knees with respective hands, come back to the center.
Repeat the same movement toward the right hand side.
Now, while still holding the knees, lift your head off of the floor and bring it as close as you can towards your knees. You may want to use your hands to bring the knees close to the head as well. Hold for a moment and feel the nice stretch of your spine.


Exhale and stretch your legs up so that your feet move towards the ceiling. Keep supporting your legs by holding the back of your knees with both hands – at the same time and in harmony, slowly bring your head back and rest on the floor.
Feel the good stretch in the whole lower body.
Inhale and bend both legs while still holding onto to the back sides of the knees and get ready to come on back up to the initial sitting position.
With one movement and one exhalation, bring yourself back up to the initial sitting position – have your upper body straight up and your legs stretched in front of you on the floor. Repeat 5 times every other day.


Balances the entire body. Also helps spinal column to energize and exercise itself. Improves overall coordination. Exercises abdominal organs and the chest cavity.