Counted Breathing

With this exercise you will gradually be able to control your mental activities and stop futile thoughts, resulting in more effective meditation.

Our breathing system is semi-automatic. We can control it with the technique described in this exercise. This will establish a precise magnetic order in the breathing apparatus.

The Technique:
It is best to do the Counted Breathing when you are warmed up and relaxed, for example, after your daily Movazeneh®. The place where you practice should be well aired, calm and peaceful. You can kneel or sit in cross-legged position. Relax completely, and then start…

This exercise involves measuring the time to breathe in, breathe out and the pause in between the two.

– Take 5 deep breaths and breathe out completely
– Breathe in for a count of 8
– Hold your breath for a count of 8
– Breathe out for a count of 12
– Hold your breath for a count of 8

If you find the count of 8 and 12 too difficult, modify it to suit your capacity. Just be careful to keep the following ratio:
The time taken to breathe out is 1.5 times longer than the time to breathe in.
The time to breathe in and the pauses in between breaths should be the same.

During this exercise clear your thoughts by concentrating on your breathing by making sure it is deep, calm and consistent and also be aware of the unity between your mind and body.

– Take 15 to 30 minutes to do this exercise
– For the last 4 or 5 minutes concentrate on your Solar Plexus as well as your breathing
– Then stop counting and take a couple of minutes to concentrate on the Solar Plexus while breathing slowly and deeply but without any pressures.
– When ready, open your eyes and enjoy the calm.

Advanced level:
While doing the Counted Breathing you can concentrate on the tip of your nose and then the current of air from the nose, through the throat to the lungs.

– Leads mind to a deeper concentration
– Helps clear the mind

– Controlled Breathing, using depth and duration, creates a certain rhythm which influences the nerves spread throughout the lungs. The ends of these delicate nerves transmit the rhythm to the main spinal cord. From there, the rhythm is transmitted throughout the Central Nervous System. The whole system then begins to resonate to the same frequency as of the rhythm. This creates a harmony and achieves a certain level of Concentration at the mind and body level which can also advance to lead to the level of Tamarkoz® (Meditation) at the Heart….