Electromagnetic-Heart 3 points


The essential start for this exercise is to be able to sit absolutely still for the duration of exercise.

Turn your attention away from your thought patterns toward your physical body. Bring your focus to the breathing and make sure the breathing is deep and calm and rhythmic. Relax the body completely. Wear comfortable loose cotton clothes that cover most of your skin. This way, the heat will be prevented from escaping through the skin. Choose a quiet place where you would not be disturbed during this practice; try to set aside one specific room in your house for concentration exercises on a daily basis.
Sit cross-legged. Make yourself comfortable, and please make sure you are not moving during this exercise. Any slight movement interferes with the thought patterns, which will interfere with the full affects of the exercises.
Have your hands resting on your knees with the palms facing upward. Relax your whole body, including but not limited to the neck, facial muscles, and shoulders.
Close your eyes and start breathing very slowly and deeply. Begin to feel present and pay attention to your physical body.
Feel the moisture in the air and then pay attention to the way in which the air enters your lungs. Now feel the warm areas within the body.
When you are calmed down and feel focused, start paying your full attention to your solar plexus (solar plexus is located about 2 inch below the center of the diaphragm at the base of the sternum). Breath deeply and calmly into your solar plexus as if with each breathing the heat within the body rises up. With each breath visualize that you are taking a great deal of energy into this center.
Continue with this part of the exercise as long as it feels comfortable and until you experience total calmness.
Then, start paying attention to the heat spreading from the center of your solar plexus in to every direction upwards and downward then east and westward. Visualize and feel your entire body warming up and energized as the same time.


Heat distribution within the body
Increased coordination, harmony and awareness of body and the mind.
Increased focus.
Reduced stress, and balanced emotions
Awareness of the energy flow.