Electromagnetic Exercise to Stimulate the Energy Centers

This exercise is best done after the relaxation, Movazeneh® and breathing exercises, when you are at your most relaxed state of mind. This will ensure the best results.

The Technique:
Lie down in a comfortable position.
Take about 10 deep slow breathes.
Using your breath, allow your attention to go through all the parts of your body and let them relax.
Concentrate on your Solar Plexus. It is found in the center axis of your body between the sternum and the naval (couple of inches below the sternum). Continue to breathe slowly and deeply. Visualize the energy in your Solar Plexus just like a sun emitting light and energy. Guide this energy towards the coccyx and light it up. Concentrate for a few seconds on this center. Then in the same manner travel up the spine with the energy from the Solar Plexus, going through each of the vertebrae. Then, concentrate on the last vertebrae, concentrate on the skull, forehead and face. Relax all of these parts and concentrate on the whole path. Feel the heat all along the spine and concentrate on it. After 2 or 3 minutes, take a deep breath and enjoy the well being as you end the exercise.

The regular practice of this exercise stimulates all the energy centers and unifies them.
This has a strong effect on the nervous system and helps promote health and well being.
It also helps concentration and endurance.