Treat yourself to the remembrance of serenity with Tamarkoz® Mind Relaxation Come to the door Wear comfortable clothing, and keep your skin covered and warm.

Find a quiet place to sit, where you will be safe and comfortable away from disturbances
Sit down on the floor, cross legged. See that you are as comfortable as possible
Keep your back nice and straight in vertical line with your neck and head.
Place your hands relaxed on your lap.

Walk inside

Breathe nice and slow, deeply and with focus

Let your body stay as still as possible
Notice your posture. Keep your back straight, your shoulders back, head levelled and chin straight ahead
Start to relax your entire body muscles all the way from your feet to your face, part by part concentrating on every part, loosen up and relax the muscles and move up step by step from your feet toward your face.
Feel your feet and how they are placed on the floor. Wiggle your toes and slightly move your feet in place until they feel quite comfortable
Move up to your ankles and the lower legs. Pay attention to the muscles in these parts. Loosen them up and relax them.
Move your attention to the upper legs. Release every bit of tension that you may feel within these muscles.
Do the same to your abdomen, lower back, upper back, chest, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, neck and face muscles. Try to release as much muscular tension as possible.
Now bring your attention back to your breathing. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply.
Settle down, it is your space
Start to remember the most peaceful environment that you have ever been in.
Take your time, scan through the times and places, find a place and moment that you were most tranquil, most serene, most at peace.
Start to recall those moments, the experience, and the feelings.
See those moments clearly.
See yourself back in those peaceful and calming moments
Allow yourself once more to experience the peace.
Take a deep breath and let those serene moments fill you with calm and comfort.
Remember serenity and sooth your mind.
With every breath bring those moments in and let them take over.
Let your mind become quiet and tranquil.
Let go and let yourself be carried away
light, calm,weightless.
Now slowly move up towards your cheeks.
Let your breaths be present and keep you floating in peace
Now gradually start to notice the current of air in your breaths
Start to sense the flow of air as you breathe in and out.
Slowly bring your attention to your body, your posture.
Try to sense how you are sitting on the floor.
Now bring your awareness to your entire system breathing.
Take a deep breath and gently open your eyes.
Take another deep breath, stretch your arms forward, and stretch out your legs in front of you.
Bring a smile to your relaxed and vibrant face.
And welcome yourself into the present.