Visualization-Magic Paint Brush

Before starting you should use a Tamarkoz® relaxation technique to ease up any physical and mental tensions. The following is an effortless relaxation technique that should revive you no more than 3 minutes.

The Magic Breath Paint Brush

  • Lie down and relax all your muscles,; let your feet fall slightly apart
  • Relax your arms, let the palms face upwards, and keep your fingers relaxed.
  • Take several deep breathes from your abdomen and breathe out completely.
  • After a couple of minutes you will see that all the tensions are eliminated and the
  • breathing will find its natural rhythm and depth.
  • Now while breathing deeper than normal, and taking full breaths, start to visualize your breaths as if they were a big magic paintbrush.
  • This magic paint brush has the power to bring order to your entire being; free from tensions.
  • This magic brush will flow through your body as you breathe in and out and will brush your whole being brought together, into one, contained and contented.
  • When you breathe in, visualize your breath running its magic brush and going from the top of your head right down to your feet, visualize the breath bringing oxygen to all your cells and nourishing them with energy.
  • When you breathe out, run back the magic brush through all the cells from the feet to your head, going through the legs, the back, the spinal column, the torso, the solar plexus and the brain.
  • Brush off and away, all the tiredness, tensions, and blockages. Visualize the bright energy circuits along your limbs and in your organs and light them up. Feel the relaxed muscles.
  • With each breath that you take, you will be able to scan gently up and down your whole body. It might seem difficult at first, but the secret of the magic breath brush, lies in the speed and the frequency of its use!
  • Repeat this for 10-20 breaths. Then breathe at your natural pace and observe the acceleration in the current of energy in your body.
  • Let it remove any final traces of tension, repair and reinforce your whole organism. By now you should feel calm and relieved and experience well being while being deeply relaxed.