Tamarkoz® class at the efa- Düsseldorf

“Gather all your energies and concentrate them on the “Source of Life” in your heart, for your findings to become imperishable, so that you will live in balance and know eternity.” (Message from the Soul)

Tamarkoz® which means “concentration”, is a method used to gather all of the human energies in the strongest electromagnetic source of the body, the heart. Through a combination of different breathing, attention and balancing exercises (Movazeneh), awareness and concentration are naturally established. The body and soul get the opportunity to simply be, calm, strong and present.

You can register for our Tamarkoz® classes at the efa-Duesseldorf or online at http://www.efa-duesseldorf.de/.
The classes take place on Wednesdays, from 8.00pm-9.00pm starting on 26th April 2017 with 11 fixed dates. Fees and further information can be found on the website listed above.
More information about the method of Tamarkoz® can be found on www.tamarkoz.org