Heart Concentration

Heart Concentration

Heart Concentration:

The final achievement from mastering all 5 techniques of Tamarkoz® is to reach a state of Heart Tamarkoz. Each specific technique enables an individual to further gather one’s concentration on the vital center in the heart.

The heart of the individual is the source of knowledge, awareness, hope, and love. Deep meditation is only possible through the heart, which enables the individual to discover the light in the heart.

The proper practice of Tamarkoz will bring about a mental stability and deep peace that leads to a state of presence in one’s heart. “When a person focuses their strength on one point and in this state, they are not distracted by anything, the resulting concentration of forces is the major gift offered by the universe, Existence, God or any other name we might use.” 1

Tamarkoz enables you to “gather all your energies and concentrate them on the source of life in your heart for your findings to become imperishable, so that you will live in balance and tranquility and know eternity.” 2

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