Sufism – Lecture series
Sufism, Sufism and Wisdom, Sufism and Knowledge,
Sufism and Islam, Sufism and Peace
Author: Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha

This series is like colorful reflections of light from the facets of a diamond.  The Lecture Series consists of the texts of a series of invited lectures at major European universities such as the Sorbonne, given during the 1994-1995 academic year by Hazrat Salaheddin Ali Nader Angha, the Pir of M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi®, School o Islamic Sufism®.  The lectures each center on a different topic, as the titles indicate. Taken together, the booklets present a distillation of the teachings of this famed, revered and thought provoking contemporary Sufi Master.

In Sufism, Hazrat Pir presents the fundamental points of Sufism by illustrating them in a lively history.  He defines Sufism as the reality of religion, a discipline which is the way to realization of human perfection, and indicates that: “Just as the sun never ceases to shine, this knowledge too has been passed down from a master to master, so those who seek to attain their divine state will be guided toward such a goal (p.22).”

The basic law of Islam is “la ilaha il allah”—There is no other than God. Sufism and Islam explains how the true meaning of this statement is revealed only when one comes to know one’s true self. To experience and know God, one must fist know oneself. This is attained through focused concentration in the heart, and lettering go of social habits and attachments, which separate us from our inner self.  When we achieve this at all physical and metaphysical levels, then the artificial limits constructed by the mind collapse and we experience “the unlimited horizon of existence (p. 43)” and witness the unity of it.

Sufism and knowledge describes moving beyond the limited physical knowledge based on sensory input of our mind, to the knowledge taught by the Prophets, which is based on personal experience and absolute cognition.  When we come to know our true self, then this knowledge results in stability, harmony, peace and tranquility.  “The true meaning of education is learning the alphabet of the book of one’s own being…. (p.31)”.

Sufism and Peace tells us that peace at every level is the result of spiritual well being. If we wish peace in the world, we as individuals must first find peace within ourselves.

Simply put, Sufism and Wisdom tells us that to gain wisdom, we must recognize and follow wisdom. If we wish to move from darkness into light, and to attain the higher spiritual realm, the presence of a teacher who has been inwardly introduced to the seeker by God is necessary. “The seeker transcends the boundaries of time and place and enters the state of witnessing and cognition which are inaccessible to the senses.” (p. 23)

The Sufism- Lecture Series are also available in audio book format.

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