Electromagnetic Centers


Electromagnetic Centers

Electromagnetic energy is omnipresent. According to the teachings of M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi® School of Islamic Sufism®, the human body is equipped with 13 major electromagnetic energy centers. These centers manage the human being’s vital functions, providing health and balance.

The Tamarkoz® method activates, harmonizes, and balances the flow of energy of the major electromagnetic centers of the body. As a result, the practitioner becomes more balanced, calm, collected, and harmonized. The main center resides in the heart and is called the Source of Life by Professor Sadegh Angha Pir Oveyssi. In almost all Sufi practices, in one way or another, all exercises end up focusing on this point in the heart. The other twelve important electromagnetic energy centers are the following: Cerebral cortex, crown of the head, third eye, third ventricle, brain stem, throat, thymus, three nodes of the heart, solar plexus, and coccyx.

The electromagnetic centers in each person are connected to true knowledge. Sensory receptors provide limited information and not absolute truth, because they can only receive the waves that are within a certain wavelength. For example, we cannot perceive light waves or sound vibrations with a frequency or wavelength above or below a certain level. Thus, it is not possible to discover the inherent knowledge and the universal truth by relying on our physical senses.

Hazrat Pir explains: “The senses focus on the surface of what is external to you. Your senses are dependent on the sources for their energy; it is not the other way around. The sources receive and understand energy; they translate everything to the center. Your centrality and guidance comes through utilizing this electromagnetic system.”

Each person can acquire true knowledge and realize their full potential through the balance and harmony of the electromagnetic centers which can be accomplished through the practice of Tamarkoz.