Electromagnetic Centers

Electromagnetic energy is omnipresent. According to the teachings of MTO Shahmaghsoudi® school of Islamic Sufism, another name for the magnetic force is «Love», the force that creates our communion with the universe.

There are several important energy centers in the human body. M.T.O.® School of Islamic Sufism teaches that harmony among these centers is crucial to a person’s well-being and health. These centers, in Sufism, are called the Magnetic Sources. The main one, which resides in the heart, is called the Source of Life by Hazrat Shahmaghsoud Pir Oveyssi. In addition, there are twelve other magnetic sources. These are: Solar plexus, the three nodes of the heart, thymus, throat center, the third ventricle in the brain, third eye, the gray layer of the brain, the anterior fontanel of the brain, brain stem, and coccyx. The most emphasized magnetic source of all, the Source of Life, resides within our heart. In almost all Sufi practices this emphasis is quite tangible since, in one way or another, all exercises end up focusing at this point in the heart.

One of the first, and one of the most challenging teachings that students face is when they, for the first time, encounter the notion that one should not fully accept and rely on the sensory system. Years after years, we have been taught to solely rely on the input of our sensory system and to carry out actions and reactions based upon these incoming signals. The challenge comes when Sufism defies us to transcend our bounded thought patterns by questioning these sensory inputs. The reason is that, according to the ancient Sufi wisdom, it is our magnetic centers that should be the source of incoming signals and not only the sensory system.

Hazrat Pir explains: “The senses focus on the surface of what is external to you. Your senses are dependent on the sources for their energy; it is not the other way around. The sources receive and understand energy; they translate everything to the center. Your centrality and guidance comes through utilizing this electromagnetic system.”