Sufi Chants & Tamarkoz at Versailles

Saturday, september 17th 2016
For the 40th anniversary of the “Maison de quartier des Près aux Bois”
Sufi chants by the “Zendeh Delan ®” ‘s (Awakened Hearts) Ensemble at 2.30pm
Tamarkoz ®”, sufi meditation at 3.30pm
Stretching, Breathing, Relaxation, Concentration
Maison de quartier des Près aux Bois
29 rue de l’Ecole des postes, Versailles
Association for Breathing,Concentration and Dynamic Relaxation (R.E.C.O.R.D)
For informations and reservations: (+33)688478329
TamarkozVersailles 2016_V2 avec ZD